About us

The Founder of the Tour4U company and its chief constructer Dušan Šmidák who has a lifelong experience with tourism in the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava. He started as an owner of a bus, with which he offered city tours in cooperation with professional tour guides. His passion for history, horses and tourism tied with a vision of offering unique forms of tours. It led in 1997 to the founding of a family company to launch sightseeing horse drawn carriage tours of the historical center. There was nothing quite like it in Bratislava and so it wasn’t long before Dušan Šmidák built one of the most popular attraction on offer to take tourist through Bratislava’s old town.

During this period Dušan Šmidák, with the help of his family and the old town city council, created the foundation for today’s most successful Slovak brand of sightseeing vehicles the Prešporáčik® Oldtimer. The popularity of riding in historical carriage for sightseeing tours reached its peak. Then there were 3 carriages operating in the center and this was the limit which couldn’t cover customer demand. Dušan Šmidak thought hard about how to ensure there was a seat for everyone and yet still preserving the atmosphere and quality of the tours.

The idea came when he saw an old postcard showing an old car painting – this old-timer vehicle, drove through the streets of Bratislava in early 20th century. He had a clear vision for a car based on an old “Škoda model 1203“. It was in 2001 when he began to work singlehandedly on designing and constructed the first authentic Prešporáčik® Oldtimer. These were vehicles specially designed to , run through the narrowest streets of the old town and eventually became an icon of Bratislava. The first prototype of Prešporáčik® Oldtimer was joined by two others and together they created a complete vehicle park for old town tours through the historical center of Bratislava. They are not only gorgeous looking but also ecological, running on natural gas. This was a major success for the demand for touring the old town became very popular with tourists. Other tours were developed to keep pace with demand. The tour which went all the way up to the castle proved to be a popular with tourists. In cooperation with magistrate of the capital city Bratislava, Dušan Šmidák’s company, now under the brand name Tour4U, created the current route for the Castle tour. During the tourist season there are 8 unique Prešporáčik® Oldtimer vehicles operating the company’s tour routes with a capacity of over 200 seats. Each vehicle has a special addition, an audio guide which is available in 18 languages. It was professionally recorded by native speakers and well put together by our team through extensive testing and updating.

The services of the Prešporáčik® Oldtimer is praised by more than 200 000 satisfied customers from around the world who visit Bratislava each year. We in Tour4U constantly think about how to create the best possible experience from our services in which is offered many insights and stories about our city to everyone who visits our beautiful capital, Bratislava. We create our products and services foremost to fulfill these requirements. This is very dearly important to us for this attitude has brought us our current success.

Thank you all, for letting us do that, which is dearest to us.

You team Tour4u.