Great City Tour

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The Great City Tour is a unique combination of the Old Town Tour and the Castle Tour, which will take you through the most beautiful and most interesting of what Bratislava has to offer during a 95-minute-long drive. Two types of our fine sightseeing vehicles, old town Prešporáčik® Oldtimer and castle Prešporáčik® Oldtimer will provide memorable experience for you from the beginning of your journey until the end of it. The Old Town tour starts at the Rybne Square, the Castle Tour which begins next to the historical building of Slovak National Theater. A short walk (approx. 3 min. from the Main Square to Opera) to the next starting point between the two parts of the tour. This can be enriched by a visit to a local coffee shop or summer terraces along the way.

The Castle tour, during its 60-minute duration, will tell you about the rich history of our country. Through our audio guide you will learn about the mighty Hungarian kingdom, which we were part of. You will discover about the creation of our Slovakian language. During the tour you will see historical building of the Slovak National Theater and you will get acquainted with the story about the fountain of Ganymede. Further during the tour, you will see the technologically advanced building of the Slovak National Bank, the very eye-catching building of the Slovak National Radio. The palace in which our president lives, Slovak parliament and Bratislava Castle, which is built on foundations that go back more than 1 000 years. As a part of the tour you see the bridges over the Danube River which is quite an architectural marvel, remnants of the city walls. You’ll find out about the coronation history of Bratislava, about the Danube and a lot of other important things from our past.

The beginning and end of the Castle tour is at Hviezdoslav square. Here you will meet with our coordinator, who will gladly point you towards the starting point of the next part of the tour.

The Old Town Tour begins at the Main Square, in the heart of the medieval part of Bratislava. It is the only tour through Bratislava’s pedestrian zone. Upon your  arrival you will be greeted by our coordinator for the Old Town tour. He will explain all the important information about the tour and seat you. Through our audio guide you will learn about the most famous Bratislava statues, the history of our palaces, which were visited by artists like Beethoven, Mozart or Liszt. You will see the majestic coronation cathedral – Saint Martin’s Cathedral, you will drive through the narrowest street in Bratislava where the city executioner used to reside and you will drive by the last gate of Bratislava’s medieval fortification.

After you finish your Great City tour, we do recommend you to visit a good restaurant, museum, gallery or hunt for souvenirs in the market.

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Combi Tour: Old Town Tour with Castle Tour

  • Medieval City – Coronation History
  • Castle – Broader City Center

Working hours:
15.3.-15.11. (09.00 – 17.00)
Tickets can be bought from our selling stand in the Rybne square. It is from here where we start the sightseeing tours. If you are a bigger group we recommend that you book the tour upfront.

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Rybne square

Panorama view


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20 min. break on Bratislava Castle

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Great city tour
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Great city tour
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